scarlett-monster asked:

Hello, let me just say, I love your artwork. Your style is so light and fluffy with little juicy details that is just beautiful. My questions are, how do you motivate yourself to draw, and what do you consider to be your muse? I hope you have a lovely day :)

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to say that! I really appreciate it.

I actually have a lot of trouble with motivation, and it’s one of the main things I want to change about myself. I’ve been dealing with depression for a long time now, and although in general things have improved a lot over the years, it’s still really hard to maintain motivation sometimes. When I’m really depressed, it’s hard to convince myself that anything I do is worthwhile. I find that it helps to remind myself of the things that have cheered me up in the past, and of the things that have resonated with me. That could mean rewatching part of a favourite show, just for a heart-wrenching or warm-fuzzy-filled moment, or listening to my favourite soundtracks for the emotion in the music. I know I must sound overly-sentimental here, but I can actually be a pretty critical person at times. However, when I do find something that genuinely moves me, I try not to forget about it.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about why I make art, and what I want my art to be. Like music and words, I think art is a way of communicating with people. Often I honestly don’t know what I want to say with my art, but I would like to eventually be able to create art that resonates with people or cheers people up. Like I said, it can often be hard to convince myself that my art currently accomplishes any of that, even with all the support I’ve been receiving. But I try to hang on to the idea that, even if I’m not where I want to be now, there’s a chance I’ll get there eventually if I keep learning and keep practicing. If I succeed, I’ll have made art that is meaningful to others and fulfilling to me. If I never reach that goal, at least I won’t have to live with the regret of knowing I never tried.

So, in short, I motivate myself by reminding myself of the art, music, memories, and stories that have improved my life, trying to find more, and hoping that if I keep practicing art and living my life, I’ll be able to help other people with my art too.

It’s hard to say what I’d consider to be my muse – probably a combination of a lot of things. Aside from the art, music, and words of other people, I like to observe things outside, like little details on plants, or textures on trees and rocks, or cloud patterns… stuff like that. I also play piano often, and like to make up music. Occasionally I write and make up stories too. I think all of those things sort of feed off of each other. I’m probably forgetting to mention something… but I hope that answers your question!

Thanks for asking, and I hope you have a great day too!

princess-elentiya asked:

Your work is so beautiful! I hope you never stop!

Eeeee, thank you!

For years and years I’ve had difficulty maintaining motivation to draw, and have questioned whether it’s worthwhile to continue. For a while, I kept a lot of my art to myself because I didn’t think it’d mean anything to anyone.

When I get messages like yours, though, I’m really glad that I continued drawing. :)