Scribbles from the other day.

Some more recent designs of the character in the previous post.

An old character design from one of my projects. I ended up changing it to fit the character better, but I like this version too.
Some old, coloured sketches I still like.

I’m pretty happy that people like my tutorial. I’ve wanted to make tutorials since forever, but wasn’t sure how useful they’d be for anyone. So, yeah. c:

I also found a new blog theme that was just what I was looking for, so I spiffed up my tumblr a little.

Tree Tutorial v1

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Found this weird, fuzzy lump thing on a tree outside. I determined it was not a bird, even though it was hanging out where the crows usually sit.
Yarr, my tree tutorial is almost done. I think. Here’s a cropped, animated preview.
I need to go check the colours on my other monitor, and then figure out the best way to post it on here so that it’s readable.
And then also get the courage to post it. I mean, I might look back on this later and think, “Why did I think I knew how to draw trees? Boo hoo, it looks more like a green jellyfish monster, but not even a cool jellyfish monster.”
I’ll probably end up tweaking it for a few more days.
Edit: Here’s a link to the tutorial.
Good place for a picnic. Maybe not. I wouldn’t trust that face.