fatimadestroysthings asked:

hey, i love your art and would like to know about your smudge brushes in Krita/Mypaint and about your shading techniques. I love your style; it has a very light and magical feel. have a great day!

Thank you, that’s a really nice compliment. c:

In MyPaint, I use a brush that comes with the program. You can find it in the category “set #2”. It’s called “deevad/basic_digital_brush”, and was made by David Revoy. It’s a round, hard-edged brush that varies in opacity depending on how much pressure I use with my tablet pen.

I’ve found that most drawing programs seem to have a similar brush, but I couldn’t find a similar one I liked in Krita, so I tried to emulate it by making a custom brush. I’m not really an expert at making brushes, but if you want to see the settings I use, click “read more” below.

As for shading techniques, I made a short video about how I use my brushes and blend colours, and I’ll post it in a second. Let me know if you have any other questions, and I hope you have a great day too. :)

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dA Gallery & Links

Hi everyone! I was asked a while back if I had a deviantArt gallery, and I decided to make one. I haven’t put much on it yet, but I’m planning to put finished pieces and tutorials up there. (And I’ll continue putting finished stuff, unfinished stuff, and tutorials to my tumblr. So, there’s no need to follow me on dA if you already follow my tumblr, but you can if you’d like.)

Here’s all the places you can find me online:

tumblr - My main site. Lots of things go here.

deviantArt - Finished things and tutorials only, probably.

twitter - Sometimes there are bunnies with angry eyebrows, sometimes feelings are expressed, but mostly there are just retweets of my posts on the rest of these sites.

Society6 - Currently the only place I have my work for sale. There’s only a few things up at the moment, but I plan to add more stuff in the future.