fatimadestroysthings asked:

hey, i love your art and would like to know about your smudge brushes in Krita/Mypaint and about your shading techniques. I love your style; it has a very light and magical feel. have a great day!

Thank you, that’s a really nice compliment. c:

In MyPaint, I use a brush that comes with the program. You can find it in the category “set #2”. It’s called “deevad/basic_digital_brush”, and was made by David Revoy. It’s a round, hard-edged brush that varies in opacity depending on how much pressure I use with my tablet pen.

I’ve found that most drawing programs seem to have a similar brush, but I couldn’t find a similar one I liked in Krita, so I tried to emulate it by making a custom brush. I’m not really an expert at making brushes, but if you want to see the settings I use, click “read more” below.

As for shading techniques, I made a short video about how I use my brushes and blend colours, and I’ll post it in a second. Let me know if you have any other questions, and I hope you have a great day too. :)

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